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When you need us, we are there!

Linde-Griffith Construction Company’s specialties are many, all revolving around deep foundations and marine construction.

Linde-Griffith Construction Company realizes the importance of on-time project starts and early project completions. Linde-Griffith Construction Company better demonstrates care for its customers and expertise for their projects than any other piling subcontractor. To ensure its commitment to quality, Linde-Griffith Construction Company employs a strict level of control over all its operations.

Linde-Griffith Construction Company is completely self-reliant as evidenced by every aspect of its project management methodology from its in-house capacity to mobilize cranes and equipment to its on-staff construction and layout services to its ability to adjust immediately to varying material requirements to its daily supervision of each project. Linde-Griffith Construction Company employs its own personnel and utilizes its own equipment relying on no outside vendors to service its projects.

Linde-Griffith Construction Company, with its fleet of heavy-duty tractors and trailers, moves its own cranes and equipment sometimes within hours of its customers’ order. Linde-Griffith is mobilized and ready to commence construction operations often times in less than one day after receiving the notice to proceed.

A Linde-Griffith Construction Company owner supervises each of its projects. This on-site executive management and supervision allows for timely, accurate, and committed field decisions, which further demonstrates to each of Linde-Griffith Construction Company’s customers that their project is being constructed by a company that has a vested interest in mutual success.