Health, Safety, & Environment

Linde-Griffith Construction Co. is committed to providing our team with a work environment ensuring their personal health and safety and we aim to remove any risks to the health, safety, and welfare of all workers, contractors, and visitors. The Linde-Griffith workforce has always been our greatest resource and we are committed to providing our team an injury-and incident-free workplace, emphasizing this with a zero tolerance for any safety infractions. In conjunction with this, management has provided our teams with the training, tools, and guidance to perform every task, job, and project without incident.

At Linde-Griffith, safety starts from an employee’s first day with a thorough orientation. Every employee is instructed in our safety policies and procedures. Our Director of Safety makes sure each new employee understands what is expected of him/her on a Linde-Griffith project; safety ALWAYS comes first.

Our Goal:  Zero Accidents or Injuries

Through our on-going Safety Training Program employees are taught a wide variety of topics to make sure that all Linde-Griffith team members are safe from injury and risks to their health as well as that of their coworkers. As such, our field forces have the following:

  • 40 Hour Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response Training
  • 10 or 30 Hour OSHA Construction Outreach Training
  • Confined Space Entry & Rescue Training
  • Linde-Griffith Qualified Signal Person Training
  • Linde-Griffith Rigging Training
  • The use of Personal Protective Equipment

In addition to our commitment to education and hands-on-training, management has enacted a STOP THE JOB policy that empowers every employee with the right and responsibility to stop any unsafe act. All Linde-Griffith team members are expected to stop any task that is not 100% safe to our employees, clients, subcontractors, partners, or guests. An injury-and accident-free workplace is our goal and through Linde-Griffith’s overall safety initiatives and the complete and active participation by everyone, every day, on every job, we can accomplish this task.